Ciara and Nathan dancing
CAN Creative –
Principals: Ciara Baldwin and Nathan Bartman

Our company name derives from our first names. The word ‘can’t’ is not an option for us as we believe whatever you want to do, you CAN do.


Based in South Africa and London, CAN Creative explores primal topics and expresses them through dance, physicality, music – always striving to create a positive message, or highlight something that has always been there and try to encapsulate the beauty and power of it. We work with dance and musical styles ranging from African and hip hop to contemporary, while continually learning and evolving from different styles, places and people, using them to take us to unique and vulnerable places both physically and mentally.

All music is created and produced by CAN Creative, except where otherwise stated.


Often, while touring internationally, we give workshops and share our creative tools with all age groups, challenging them to push themselves further than their limits.


We've toured countries such as South Africa, Botswana, Tanzania, The United States, Belgium, Zimbabwe, Senegal, and The United Kingdom.

We work as a team on every project/class. We’ve been together for years, making it easy for us to tag-team through workshops and we're experienced at giving individual attention to students. We know in our bones that there is power in unity and this is what we strive towards with CAN Creative.


Image by Oscar O'Ryan